Precautions suck sometimes. When you’re starting something cool, new, awesome, you want to get down to it. Move fast and break things right? I mean if it worked for Facebook…….

Why not us. So we get going, we call our buddy Dave who knows some html and css code or even better, that fiverr guy that actually costs five bucks and soon we have a site up and running, we get some product sold and we’re golden. Sit back and watch the bucks roll in.

Until in moving fast we actually do break something……uh oh. That Data loss feeling.

Its amazing how many of us business owners do this. Even when you know you need to test, stage and all the other lovely pre production tasks. In some cases, we’ve advised our clients and, you know, other people… have a disaster recovery/ business continuity strategy. In some cases (me), it was my actual day job once upon a time. And still…..the footloose and fancy free, just do it part of us comes out whenever it comes to creating.

If you’re part of the 85% of people who run an e-commerce site but don’t work for large corporates or other Factory Works type outfits, then you’re nodding your head with a wry smile on your face and thinking….Yep! Remember that time when Dave;

Stop smiling. Take one thing from this post and that is the realization that your platform, whether its Shopify, BigCommerce, Woo, Wix or whatever, does NOT back up your store/site.

That’s all on you.

Sure, they backup the platform as a whole but your site, individually, can’t be recovered from that.

Maybe you’ve been lucky so far and dodged the data loss bullet. Maybe you haven’t and you know how painful, time consuming and downright expensive data loss can be. Either way, you should know that you need a backup app for your site.

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